Jim - Lead Vocals / Guitar

Get to know your boys of e13!

State your name for the record:
James Ellis Donaldson

What exactly do you do for e13?:
Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Tambourine, Foot Stomper

What artists are you influenced by?: 
U2, Pat McGee Band, Foo Fighters, Garth Brooks, Billy Joel, Needtobreathe and so many more!

Ok, Now i have a few more questions for you...

1. You want to watch a movie, but you have to pick one that you already own...ok, how about top 3. What are you watching?
Braveheart, Tommy Boy, Gladiator, Anchor Man

2. Obviously, you like playing in a band. What else floats your boat?
Spending time with my wife and dog, hanging out with friends, Volleyball, running, riding my Harley          
3. What is your all time favorite concert you have ever been to?
U2 Elevation tour May 9th 2001 at the Bradley Center front row.

4. Besides pooping your pants in grade school (or as an adult, Mike) what is your most embarrasing moment?
So many to pick from, but getting caught in the showers at soccer camp by all of the girl campers would be up there.

5. If I grabbed your iPod, Discman, Walkman, Boom Box, etc. from you right now, what would it be playing?
Needtobreathe, Ben Rector, Foo Fighters

6. What in the world got you into playing music?
Strong family influences.  My mom would sing all of the time when I was a kid and my cousin played guitar and drums and I really looked up to him.  I still do...he is much taller than I am.

7. What is one thing that everyone should know about you?

 13 is my lucky number and that is part of how we got our band name.