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July 22, 2014

What can I say, we have had a busy year and we stink at updating our news haha. Well, just a quick half year recap so far, We have had some great new opportunities this year including gigs at Summerfest, The Evinrude block party on 3rd st., numerous weddings and such upcoming gigs as New Glarus Oktoberfest and the new Big Sky Country bar and grill stage at Wisconsin State Fair among many many others. We can not thank everyone enough for their continued support as we enter our 10th year as a band and hope that in another 10 years I can still be writing this blog. There are so many people that support us and come to show after show including one Bryan Schmidt, who has probably been to more Element13 shows than anyone we know. He has been a great friend of ours since before we all became a band. So make sure you look for ol' Bryan next time you are at a show and give him a high five and buy that man a beer! God knows we prolly should buy him one for always showing his support.

Having said that, I am going to try and update this blog more often and give the fans that show up time and time again a shout out to show our appreciation towards specific individuals and next time we will buy ya a beer or a mixed drink or whatever gets ya drunk. You all know who you are and we do too so expect your name in print in the future but for now...Bryan gets July as his appreciation month.

As I mentioned before we have some amazing things coming up in the second half of the year and are still adding shows everyday. We are already booking into 2015 and hope to revisit some venues that we have this year next year as well like Summerfest and State Fair. Speaking of State Fair, that is where you can see us next on August 1st with Jim and Mike at the Big Sky Country stage 8pm-12am  and Sunday Aug 3rd 11am-2pm full band at the Bud Pavillion. Stay tuned to our instagram/facebook/website for show updates as we slide down the second half of 2014. Thanks for reading and see ya'll soon!

June, 2014

So the summer has finally decided to show up around here, and we couldn't be more excited. Just when we think "There is no way we can top 2013" we start booking for our 2014 summer and let me tell you, it really does keep getting better! We have another full schedule of weddings, festivals and block parties. We are excited to be back to St. Pauls festival for the 6th straight year! This was the first festival we ever booked, and we are completely honored that we have been able to keep coming back! This year also marks another first for us! Hard to believe that in 9 years of playing, we would still be having "firsts" but we do! We will be headlining Summerfest this year for the first time! Man, that was awesome to be able to type that...We hope we can see as many of you guys out at Summerfest for opening night to celebrate this with us! We will also be headlining a block party on Old World 3rd street in Milwaukee for the Evinrude boat company. On top of all that, we will also be opening for our good friends from K Nation Entertainment, Chasin' Mason! And all of that is just the month of June! Thank you all again for the support, and we hope to see you out all summer! We cannot thank you enough for allowing us to play for you! See you on stage! - Nick

July 22 2014

What can I say, we have had a busy year and we stink at updating our news haha. Well, just a quick half year recap so far, We have had some great new opportunities this year including gigs at Summerfest, The Evinrude block party on 3rd st., numerous weddings and such upcoming gigs as New Glarus Oktoberfest and the new Big Sky Country bar and grill stage at Wisconsin State Fair among many many others. We can not thank everyone enough for their continued support as we enter our 10th year as a band and hope that in another 10 years I can still be writing this blog. There are so many people that support us and come to show after show including one Bryan Schmidt, who has probably been to more Element13 shows than anyone we know. He has been a great friend of ours since before we all became a band. So make sure you look for ol' Bryan next time you are at a show and give him a high five and buy that man a beer! God knows we prolly should buy him one for always showing his support.

Having said that, I am going to try and update this blog more often and give the fans that show up time and time again a shout out to show our appreciation towards specific individuals and next time we will buy ya a beer or a mixed drink or whatever gets ya drunk. You all know who you are and we do too so expect your name in print in the future but for now...Bryan gets July as his appreciation month.

As I mentioned before we have some amazing things coming up in the second half of the year and are still adding shows everyday. We are already booking into 2015 and hope to revisit some venues that we have this year next year as well like Summerfest and State Fair. Speaking of State Fair, that is where you can see us next on August 1st with Jim and Mike at the Big Sky Country stage 8pm-12am  and Sunday Aug 3rd 11am-2pm full band at the Bud Pavillion. Stay tuned to our instagram/facebook/website for show updates as we slide down the second half of 2014. Thanks for reading and see ya'll soon!


December 4th, 2013

As we continue to enjoy our down time after an amazing year, we get to take a look back at how lucky we are to be able to play music for people and make a difference in one of the most important days in their lives. Almost 5 years ago, we had our first request to play a wedding. Of course, the first thought in our head is "A Wedding?? but we play bar shows and festivals" and images of the typical wedding band started to haunt us. Standing on a stage wearing a powder blue tux and playing the chicken dance. But yet, we accepted (sans powder blue tuxes) And as the last song was played at that wedding, we knew this was something we could really get in to. Well, we didn't only start to just play weddings, we thought about how can we make the live music experience at a wedding better? So we have spent the last few years putting a lot of work into making this huge day in people's lives a day they will never forget! The best part is when we get to see the couples for months and years after their wedding, and they tell us that people are STILL talking about the wedding reception. That really makes it worth it for us. And we are completely overwhelmed at the amount of requests we are getting to make even more wedding days special for people. So we truly cannot thank you all enough for trusting us with such a big day in your lives.

This past year was also pretty big for us as we played some of the biggest shows we never thought we would have to opportunity to play. We opened up for TWO national headliners and had an amazing time doing it. We got to open up for country star Rodney Adkins at the Outagamie County Fair and cannot wait to be back up there next year. Also, we got to open for American Idol star Casey James for the Harley 110th celebration at one of our favorite places to play, the House of Harley Davidson.  We also got to play at some of the best venues in town including the Budweiser Pavilion at the State Fair grounds  for both the fair and their Wednesday Night Live series. We headlined the St. Pauls festival for the 5th year in a row, and at Whiskey Jacks in Madison. The band also welcomed in some new junior members this past year! Mike's daughter Cecilia (CiCi) and Dave's daughter Gabrielle joined the E13 family. We are so happy to be supported by all of our fans, and we cannot wait to see what 2014 has in store for us. We are excited to have you all on this adventure with us and hope to welcome more fans to the family this year. Thank you all and have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!

-Element 13
Nick, Jim, Mike and Dave

May 2nd, 2013

Wow. We have not done a very good job with keeping up the news around here. Well, that's because we have been on a little bit of a break for the past couple months. We have been using this time to rest up for our upcoming busy summer, as well as learn some new tunes for you to rock out to! Jim and Mike have been playing all over the place including some new venues like the St. Francis Brewery. Nick has been teaming up with our good friend Zach Wade to keep his drumming skills razor sharp out at Whiskey Jacks in Madison, and Dave has been busy working with all of the future Brides and Grooms out there, booking e13 to play their receptions and make their wedding unforgettable! We have also been busy tying up some of the best venues around town to make this summer one of the best in e13 history! We are excited to be back at the Budweiser Pavilion at State fair, but not only for the 2013 fair, but for the Wednesday Night Live concert series as well! We will also be headlining the Outagamie County Fair and opening for national country act, Rodney Atkins. As if that isnt enough, we will be travelling the midwest playing for the Tough Mudder event in St. louis, Detroit and Chicago / Wisconsin. And it all starts when we kick off our 2013 summer tour at the 2013 St. Paul's Summer festival on Thursday June 20th from 5p-9p. We are excited to be back at St. Pauls for the 5th year in a row!  We can't thank you all enough for all the support you have given us as we head into our 9th year together! We will repay you in the only way we know make each show better than the last! See you this summer!!


December 17 2012

So as the end of the year and end of the world according to the mayans, is rapidly approaching, E13 has played their final shows of the year as a group and Mike and Jim will be playing the years final show on NYE at Generations in Waukesha. However, 2013 is already booking up faster than last year! We have new venues, old venues, festivals, weddings and more outdoor athletic events on the horizon in 2013. so if a giant meteor doesnt hit earth on Friday, then 2013 is shaping up to be even bigger than 2012. We had nearly 100 shows this year!!! Thats cray!! Keep checking back to see our new shows coming up in the beginnning of the year or check in with us on Facebook to see whats going on. Thanks for the great year!


August 12- 2012

So.....its been quite awhile since I have posted some news, but its been a busy summer. Church festivals, weddings, bars, etc. However I am back and wanted to keep you in the know about the happenings of E13. Even though summer is coming to a close that doesnt mean our schedule is thinning out....oh no. In fact, between now and the end of the year we still have tons of shows lined up and are continuing to add more. If you are reading this then you may have seen us before or plan on seeing us, or just want a little more info about us. Whatever the reason, thank you. It is only because of the good people of Milwaukee and beyond that we are able to continue on doing what we love to do. We hope that you check out our schedule and continue to come and support and say hi to us at shows on our breaks. Hopefully it wont be another4 1/2 months before another update.

Please remember to sign up for our email list for updates on shows, cancelations or any other big news we have. We dont send out a ton of emails so dont be shy. If you dont like email lists then befriend us on facebook. Thanks


March 26- 2012

Hello everyone, this is the first news of 2012 sorry for the delay. We have already had a busy year so far. We just finished our casino weekend up north which was a blast and St Pattys Day where we rocked 3 shows in one day! We are polishing our set for the wedding and festival season ahead and adding new songs weekly and putting together a show that we hope will be our best to date. Thanks for everyones continued support and keep checking back for news updates and new photos and videos. We have already placed new pics and vids on our Facebook page and on YouTube and we are currently working on putting out a live CD from this past weekend. If you have not liked Element13 on Facebook yet...please do and check out our page, also type Element13 into YouTube and see some of our good ol' stuff from the past.


December 13- 2011

Hello again everyone, just a quick update during our slow period I felt was neccesary. Thanks to everyone who came out to see the Jim and Mike acoustic show at Distil this past Saturday night. It was our first time there and we had a blast and can not wait to return. Also, this coming Friday we are playing the grand opening of The Irish Rec Room on Old World 3rd street. stop down and check out this new bar and say hello to us. This is our first public show in quite a while and we will have our guest bass player with us, Geoff McDonald, because Dave will be in Vegas. We are pumped to play with Geoff again and try out a few new jams at this new venue.

Our 2012 calander is filling up real quick with lots of new venues and some of the same old god ones that we love. New bars...this year is already turning out to be our biggest year to date! One more thing...we are back in the running on WISN's A-List for best local band. We won 2 years ago and were top 3 last year....we need your votes to stay in the upper echelon of Milwaukee bands!

We will see you all soon and thanks again for everyones continued support!!


Sept. 22nd- 2011

I feel like I have been neglecting you all with the news. I apologize but I shall neglect no more! We just got out of what turned out to be our craziest and busiest summer yet, and we don't even hate each other..(well we always hate Dave a little, but other than that everthing is hunky dory). This September was a perfect way to end the summer. Harvest in Cedarburg was a blast even considering it rained half the time. Thanks to those who could care less about the rain and stayed and listened anyway. A special thanks again to Erik Stelter at Bella Lei and all the stylists for having us and being so hospitable to us everytime we are there!

But just when we thought this summer was over and we could take a little break, October came creeping up on us with 3 weddings, the sad part about the rest of the year is that there are no more scheduled full band shows, and only 6 more Jimmy and Mike shows scheduled. 3 of which are this weekend, and one of which is NYE. We will try our damndest to throw a few more shows in before the end of the year though.

Already 2012 is shaping up to be absolutely bananas! We have been contacted by the wonderful folks at Tough Mudder to compile a list of cities that we would like to play in 2012. We are setting up our tour right now and look forward to be able to play some tunes and get our name out in other cities, and also use this opportunity to take mini paid vacations all year long. Places we are looking into so far include; Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, Toronto, Texas, Arizona and some others. We should have this all solidified by the years end, so check back.

As always, please contact us if you are interested in us playing your event or wedding as early as possible. Our calender fills up very quick during the summer months. Also, if there is a venue that you think we should play then let us know. We love playing new places and meeting new people. Come out and see us before the years end, thanks again for all the support!


July 20th- 2011

We have had a very busy summer thus far playing many weddings festivals and other venues. It has been a blast and were only half way through. This weekend we have a full weekend starting with Steny's for Steny-Fest on Friday night and then we head up north to play for the 2 day event Tough Mudder! If you are going to be at any of these events, make sure that you come and say hi to us. Keep checking the schedule cause we keep adding new shows to completely fill our schedule this summer.

We would also like to thank everyone that has come out to support us this summer and the past number of years. we always appreciate the support and it was absolutely bonkers playing for 15,000 plus people at the South Shore Frolics this year. We are pumped about doing that again next year. Keep checking back to the site and our facebook page for updates and our upcoming video blogs, and dont forget that we try to live stream as many shows as possible from right here on our website. See you all soon!


June 6th, 2011-

Well, we have officially kicked off our summer tour this past weekend...and man was is a blast! We played one of the craziest weddings to date on saturday in Madison. You quickly learn that when Bucky Badger Crashes a wedding, it is going to be a crazy night! On Sunday, we kicked off our outdoor festival season at St. Roberts in Shorewood and had an absolute blast! Not only did we already book to headline Saturday night at the 2012 St. Roberts Festival,  We even have a new fan named Lillianna! She did an awesome job playing the tambourine and danced like crazy the whole night! I have a feeling she was one tired little girl when she got home! She has been through a lot in her young life and we were so happy to make her day even more special! We hope to see her again really soon! Your tambourine awaits Lillianna!

We have a weekend off coming up do Dave can get married in mexico! We are so happy for him and his future wife, Meg. We will be back on Saturday, June 18th to continue our crazy summer schedule at HartFest! We are excited to be rocking out with Rectifier( who will be playing from 3:30-5:00pm, Element 13 plays from 5:30-7:30pm, then OldMil ( will be topping it all off from 8:00pm-11pm. The party doesnt stop there, because then we will be taking our show to Horny Goat Hideaway that night from 10p-2am. So stop on by for twice the rock!

Our next shows after that are on Friday, June 24th from 7p-11p at St. Pauls Festival in Milwaukee.(  This is our 3rd year at St.Pauls and we are honored to be headlining friday night this year! This is one of the best festivals in the area and you definitely do not want to miss it! We will be debuting our ALL NEW Stage show this year! New backdrops, amazing light show, and killer sound! Check it out! The following day, Saturday, June 25th we return to one of our favorite festivals ever! After much outcry from our fans last year, e13 is BACK at Cedarburg Strawberry festival on the Bella Lei Stage on the south end of the grounds ! We have all of our fans to thank for getting us back! We cant wait! We are there from 3p-6p!

Check out our full summer schedule to the right and please come say hi to us at our shows this summer! We know we are truly lucky to have such awesome fans and are comepletely humbled by all of your support over the years! It is because of our families, friends and fans that we are where we are today and where are are going in the future! Thanks so much and we can't wait to see you all this summer!


May 19th 2011-

According to sources...judgement day is upon us this Saturday! So if this is true then there are onnly 2 more chances to catch Jimmy and mike play acoustic! This Friday at Bar 360 inside of Potowatomi Casino at 8pm, and Saturday night at JD's on Hillendale in Muskego also at 8pm. However if these false prophets are wrong then all you believers still have a chance all summer long to catch Jimmy and Mike along with the full E13 band at various locations around town and beyond. Check out the tour page as we are filling up fast...and when I say fast I mean we just booked 2 more shows today including Horny Goat Hideaway with Jimmy and Mike on Thursday May 26th and another Trinity gig on July 8th.

Also, some may have noticed that there is a huge block of June that we are not playing any shows...this is because we are celebrating our bass player Daves wedding in Mexico with him. We would like to say congratualtions to him and his fiance Meg, and feel free to email or facebook your congratulations to him as well. However, once we get back...this summer is gonna be a lot of fun and we are looking forward to each and every show.


April 22nd 2011-

Tomorrow night we will be playing for the 1st time at Whiskey bar on Jackson st in downtown Milwaukee, in their back room called The Venue. It is shaping up to look to be an awesome show with 102.9 The Hog being there right before us for their Rock Girl Casting Call from 8-10pm. Next week we are at Saturday we are at Trinity and then the shows start piling in over the summer so stay tuned for show updates and we get them on the regular and we look forward to seeing everyonee this summer and having a good time. Keep those song requests and venue suggestions coming, we look at every single request that comes to us and talk about it. Thanks


March 19th 2011-

St Pat's rocked this year, having 2 gigs this year 1st at the Irish Pub and closing the night down at Trinity Jim and I had a blast! This coming weekend we will be revisiting Bub's in Germantown on Friday and hitting Paulies Pub for our first time ever on Saturday night. Check our tour page cause we are constantly adding gigs, including 2 which were added this morning. Thank you for the continued support and please come down this weekend and say hi to us and dance your butt off! We are also working on new music for the summer so continue to submit song ideas because we DO get all of them and have already used a bunch of them and added them to our set. Stay tuned for more updates as we get them!

March 9th 2011~

We have heard recently from many people that we are not playing enough in the downtown Milwaukee area and that people are dissappinted that we are always going out of town to play. We are trying to spread the love a little around the area so we can rock people outside of Milwaukee. But dont worry, we are working on getting as many downtown shows booked as we can this summer. We have a lot of committments as far as weddings and out of town gigs are concerned but we will be downtown plenty in the coming months. For example, Trinty and the Irish Pub on st. Pattys Day and Whiskey bar and more Trinity in April. I am also working on Whiskey River and Red Rock Saloon as possible options. We have also booked some great downtown festivals like the River Rhythms Concert Series at Pierre Marquette Park. We hear your cry, so send us a message if there is some place that you would like to have us play at and I will try my damndest to get us in there. 

This Friday we have no show because it is my (Mike's) birthday and we are all going out downtown. Feel free to come and find us and hang out and bring me presents! However on Saturday, we are headed out to Leff's Lucky Town on State St. in Tosa to play right after the St. Pattys Day parade. That should be a blast since that place is always awesome! We are always trying to get out as much as possible and play music so send us your suggestions on where to play and thanks for the continued support throughout the years. Thanks


Jan30th 2011~

We just finished a busy weekend of playing the Harley Davidson Winter Bike show on Friday and representing E13 at the CFC Festival Trade show at Serb Hall. we made a lot of great connections and met a lot of great people. Thank you to everyone at Harley and that we spoke with at the trade show, it was a fantastic weekend!! Now we are making preparations for the rest of this quarter and picking away at our summer schedule. We are filling our weekends up with bars, weddings and festivals that we are extremely excited about performing at and we hope that you are as well.

One thing that we want to stress to everyone is that we love talking to the people that come out and support us. Come say hi to us before our shows, during our breaks and after we are finished. If you have seen us before, you know that we feed a lot off of the crowd and support that we are given and all of your support is what drives us forward to create an even better live show and learn new material that you want to hear. We want to say a big thank you to everyone who has given their support to us in 2010 and in the years prior. We promise that you will see new things from us this year with the addition of our new permanant sound engineer Brian Harden, who has worked sound at some of the best venues and with some of the best artists in this country. His addition to E13 has pushed our sound miles beyond what it was in the past. Keep your requests coming, and we hope everyone can make it out to a few shows this year and say hi to us when you do and we hope you enjoy the new tunes we are spinning out for your dancing pleasure!


Jan, 2011 -

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! And what a year it is going to be! We are booking up our year like crazy and moving into bigger, new (for us) venues all over the area! We have a ton of shows coming up in the next couple months, and at the end of this month, we will be getting our summer festival schedule worked out so stay tuned for those announcements! We have a bunch of festivals committed already, but we will announce them when it is official! We are excited to be back at the St. Paul Festival this year as the Friday night Headliner! Then the next day, we will be BACK at the Cedarburg Strawberry Festival on the Bella Lei Stage on the South End of the Festival. We have already booked the Strawberry Festival in large part to you, our fans! You guys caused a huge uproar that were were not there last year, that they have already booked us for 2011! So thank you again and we will see you in Cedarburg! We are also forming some partnerships with some other great local companies, like
Brew City DJ's to enhance our festival shows and make it a great experience for our fans! So dont miss that! We have also submitted our bid to play at Summerfest 2011, so we will keep you updated as that process continues. We have gotten great support from our fans as they have been bombarding the Summerfest page on Facebook with requests for us! See you this summer!!! -Nick


Dec 2010 - So Today, i was adding yet another show to our event calendar for 2011 and decided to look back at years past. When e13 first started playing out in 2005, we played 4 shows. In 2010, we played 28 full band shows! In 2011, we already have almost 20 shows booked and we are just getting started! We cannot thank all of our fans enough for all the support you have given us over the past 5 is hard to believe it has been that long! But we are not slowing down anytime soon and 2011 is promising to be one hell of a year. We will be moving into headlining roles at some of the best festivals in the area, playing at some new venues, and returning to some of our favorites from over the years. We have also become one of the top choices for your wedding entertainment! Getting married is a huge event and we are totally honored that so many of you have let us be a part of such a great day! Keep an eye on our tour page for upcoming and recently added shows! Thank you again for all your support and we will see you on stage in 2011!

October, 2010 -

Well, we can finally say that our summer is over. And what a summer it was! That you so much for all of your support this summer as we have contunied to grow as one of the best acts in Southeast Wisconsin. We have already booked a bunch of festivals for next summer including headlining Friday night at the St. Paul festival in St. Francis, As well as some other headlining shows we will be announcing soon! We have booked the fall and holiday season a little lighter by design to give us some time to spend with family, school, busy times at work, and some vacations thrown in for good measure. But it is all to rest up for the summer of 2011 which will be our best summer to date! We cant thank you enough for all of your support through the years and we look forward to bringing some new fans into the family in the months and years to come! Out next show is October 16th at Lindeys on Beulah which, the last time we played there was one of the craziest shows we have EVER played! See you out there!

8-25- Our busy summer continues and I am constantly adding stuff to youtube from shows and other stuff. This weekend we have the Marquette Students Welcome Back Party on Friday, at the Marquette Annex on 16th and Wells at 9:00pm, and the following day Jimmy and Mike are back at the Sandbar with a forecast of 80 degrees and no chance of rain, which means we will be rockin out on the patio again! The following Friday Jim and Mike will be at FIRE on Water playing acoustic also! So come down and see some outside rock on the Lake at Sandbar before summer ends!

8-18- Our triple weekend of shows was awesome, thanks to everyone for coming out and sorry about the Horny Goat cancelation! Hopefully we will get in there again before the summer ends and their patio goes unused all winter. We have a lot of shows coming up in the near future, unfortunately they are not for the publics eyes, so again sorry for that. We are working on a whole slew of bars and new venues for the fall and winter season so keep checking the site for details. Also, if there are any pics from State Fair from sunday or any pics at all that you have of us, please send them to us or post them to our Facebook page. Finally, if you have already voted for us this year on WISN's the A-List thank you so much, and if you have not, then please take a few moments and send us a vote. every vote counts and we would love to win 2 years in a row. We will see you soon, check the tour page for upcoming shows and in the mean time, head over to and watch some videos we posted on there from past shows!

6-28 WOW What a month we had! We even had a few unexpected things pop up as i (nick) got to hop on drums last friday with our good friend Zach Wade and rock out the awesome crowd at the Milwaukee Ale House. Jimmy also got the call up to the big leagues and will be performing the National Anthem at the Brewers game on Tuesday, June 29th! We definitely started off the summer right with a calendar FULL of shows! And from the support we got from you guys, i'd say you agree! But don't be sad, we are keepin the pedal to the metal all summer long as we get ready to dive into July. Now, our schedule may look a little light at first glance, but we have a bunch of private events mixed in there as well. Our next HUGE show is at the South Milwaukee LionsFest on July 24th! We will be playing from 4p-8p right before Mt. Olive takes the stage at 8p. We wont be stopping there either as we will be Headlining the Wisconsin State Fair on Aug 15th on the Saz's Miller High Life Stage from 3:30-7:30. We will also be throwing some new venues at you as well highlighted by the all new Horny Goat Hideout outdoor stage and deck in August! Check it out and thank you as always for all your support! Dont forget to keep a close eye on our YouTube Channel as we will be posting some awesome videos shortly including the St. Paul festival as well as some exclusive Full band acoustic songs! -Nick

6-5- Hola everyone, we are all coming back from our vacations in May. we all took some time off, Nick went to Houston, Jim went to the Dominican Republic, Dave went to Costa rica and then Dave and I (Mike), both went to Las Vegas. Now we are all refreshed and ready for our busy summer! We have a lot of new venues coming up this summer including shows at Molly Cools, Durango Grill and Lindeys on Lake Beulah We are also diving head first into festival and wedding season and we have a ton of those coming up as well. Keep checking back for updates on new shows because new shows are popping up weekly for us. You can catch Jim and I at durango Grill this coming Thursday and the full band at St. Pauls Festival on June 17th and a special early 7:00pm full band acoustic show at FIRE on Water on June 24th. Thanks for everyones continued support and we will see everyone soon! Also, check out our ALL NEW youTube e133 Channel! Subscribe for exclusive performance videos, live show videos and maybe some fun behind the scenes stuff thrown in there as well...Check it out: ~M

4-8- Hello Everybody, sorry for the delay in news we have all been a bit busy this spring with school, new jobs, promotions etc. but the summer season is almost upon is and our schedule is filling up every day and were all pumped about the new venues that are coming our way including all the weddings we have the honor of being a part of this summer as well as new venues such as the Durango Grill and The Wisconsin State Fair. Other new venues are in the works as well this summer and of course we will be at all of our old fave's too!
Tonight Jimmy and Mike are performing acoustic @ FIRE on Water. This is a cool venue that we enjoy playing and its located right downtown on Water st. between St. Paul and Michigan so come down and say hi! This weekend we are playing the Rock 102.1/McGillicudy's tailgate bash @ Miller Park as a full band and are really excited to be a part of that so if you are at the game stop down at that tent for a beverage.
Finally, if have any ideas for places that you would like to see us or any song suggestions...send us an email at you can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and now Foursquare!

2-3- Hola! We just finished up our recordings last week and we will have sound clips from 10 songs going up on the website any day now...keep checking back to give em' a listen and tell us what you think. Also, we are always looking for good party song requests to add to our repetoire so keep requesting them on our setlist page!!

There is 1 full band show in February at the House of Harley for their Spring Bike show and a couple chances to check out Jim and Mike in February as well, so look to the right and check out the upcoming gigs! We have alot in the works for 2010 such as a lot of festivals and weddings as well as rockin at our favorite places around town like Trinity and Mi-keys so keep checkin back to the website, Twitter and Facebook for updates...and if you arent friends with us on Twitter or Facebook then what are you waiting for? We have giveaways for new members on Twitter all the time! Peace!


1-27 Hey everybody. We've got an exciting show coming up at the Milwaukee Ale House this friday. The Ale House is known for being a great Milwaukee music venue. The last time we played there it was a fantastic show. You can see clips of that show if you click on our 'setlist' tab and scroll to the bottom of the screen. Also, we officially have new recordings coming out very very very soon. The tracks have been recorded and the songs are in the process of mixing and mastering. I think we should have something up on our site within roughly 12 days or so. As always, thanks for all the support we've had over the last few years; it really means the world to us. Because of all of you and some hard work, 2010 is promising to be not only our biggest year ever, but will most likely be the year that we grow exponentially within Wiscnonsin and Northern Illinois. Thank you, thank you thank you.. We hope to see all of your out at the Ale House this friday.

1-12 Hello everyone, The New Year is upon us and we are coming alive again after our new year break. We had tons of fun at Trinity on New Years Eve and by the looks of did everyone else. We would like to thank Bryan Schmidt for doing sound and filling in on trombone and Geoff McDonald for extrta vocals and trumpet work. We have alot in store for 2010 including new additions to our stage show plenty of new songs and new venues as well. As always we shall let u know via facebook and right here, any news that we have to share about new shows or whatever. Jim and I (Mike) will see u at FIRE on Water on Thursday Jan. 21st for our first acoustic performance there.

12-19~ Are you looking for some New Years Eve craziness??..Well come to Trinity on New Years Eve and ring in the new year with E13..we are expecting to have a eclectic show this new year with give aways, guest musicians, new songs, a Jimmy and Mike acoustic set and plenty of champagne to throw at you!!! Last year our new years got pretty insane! This year we expect nothing different. Also stay tuned for news about upcoming January shows such as Rock Bottom the Sandbar and Whiskey bar all in early 2010!

11-24 Hello everyone, Thanksgiving is almost upon us and we have a busy holiday season coming up on us. We are kicking it off right tomorrow night, the night before thanksgiving, E13 will be jamming out at Mo's irish pub downtown! The show starts at 9: and goes until bar close! This is the busiest bar night of the year so come out early and grab a spot at the bar and a Guiness and come celebrate the start of the holiday season with us! Furthurmore we were asked by Trinity to be the band for the evening on New Years Eve and from what they told us about last year, it gets pretty nuts in there! We are excited for it cause we always have a great time everytime that we play there. Stay tuned for more news and venues for December and the start of 2010!


10-30 Happy Halloween everybody!! It has been awhile since e13 has performed a show as a whole band but we have all been doing separate projects in our off time. Jim and I have been performing acoustic gigs around the city including every Friday at the iPic for Happy Hour 5-7. Nick has been running sound for other local bands, and young David has been starting his career in the medical field, however on November 13th Element 13 will be returning to rock as a whole again! The show is at Trinity and were excited about coming off of a break. The shows at Trinity are always a blast so if you have never been out to one this is the show to be at! Remember to follow us on twitter and facebook for up to date information on what were all up to!


9-23 We are 2 days away from 9/25 which is the day last year that I broke my arm and E13 was put on hiatus for a few months! To comemmorate this day I plan on rocking out extra hard on Saturday night when we play the Horny Goat Hideaway on 2011 S. 1st St in Walkers Point. We have had a great run of shows the past couple weeks and this is the only full band show that we have booked for a bunch of weeks!
Jim and I start playing Fridays acoustically from 5 till 7 at Ovation restaurant at the iPic @ Bayshore mall for their happy hour. These shows will be all ages, so stop down for some food and drink and bowling after work or school and kick ur weekend off with us! Also in October Jim and I were asked to make appearances at The Sandbar again and at Mikeys, so check those show times on the tour page and please remember to vote on WISN's the A-List for us as best local band, voting ends on Sept. 27th...thats this coming Sunday!


8-10 Big News!! E13 finally started twittering! E13rocks is the user name u can find us at. Add us to find out about upcoming shows, special appearances and giveaways! We just finished up a fun weekend with Trinity on Friday night and a private event on Saturday, both shows we had a blast at, and want to thank everyone who came out to them! Also our next couple of weekends are booked with private shows, but come out on August 27th to Mi-keys on Jefferson after jazz in the park on that Thursday where Jim and I will be performing an acoustic set, in which we may invite a few special guests to play with us. hope to see everyone, and we appreciate all the emails and song suggestions we are getting so keep them all coming!

7-07 This Thursday Jim and I are performing our acoustic set at Mi-keys on Jefferson, hope to see everyone there! We are trying to fit in some more shows before the summer ends and will keep you posted as soon as we do!

6-28 PICS ARE UP FROM STRAWBERRYFEST ON THE PICS PAGE! We had a blast at Strawberryfest and got to meet a bunch of new people, thanks to everyone for coming out and listening and coming up to us after and talking with us. We love chatting with you between sets and after the show! The next thing that we got coming up are actually 2 acoustic shows with Jim and I, the first at Mi-keys downtown immediately following Jazz in the Park and second at The Sandbar in Pewaukee. Were trying to fit more shows in this summer, but we all have pretty hectic schedules, so were doing what we can to play as much as possible! If you have any pics or video from our recent shows that you would like to share with us please feel free to email us and we can put it up on our site! thanks for listening and see ya soon!


5-29- Quick update...out Mo's show on June 13th has been moved to the Mo's in Wauatosa and not the Mo's irish pub downtown. We played here a couple months back and this venue rocks..its bigger than the downtown location and just an awesome place all around. Its on the corner or Hwy 100 and Blumound Rd. and there is plenty of parking and its right off of Hwy 45. Hope to see u there


5-17 BIGGEST NEWS OF THE YEAR SO FAR!!! I have started Twittering! Follow me if u like through the adventures of E13 which will be updated more often than this website is....find me by typing Mike Gaethke. Furthurmore, we just finished playing our second House of Harley spring Bike show, which was awesome. Special thanks to Geoff McDonald for helping with sounds for that show. Unfortunately our next gig is not until June 13th at Mo's downtown, but that will give us plent-o-time to learn some new songs and have a new rockin summer set to play! Our shows are filling up real quick, but if u ever have suggestions on places to play please feel free to let us know sio that we can check them out. also dont forget to join our group on facebook at "Element 13 Rocks Balls" later


5-13 Well May is upon us and our summer shows are starting to kick off. We just completed our first wedding out at the Orpheum theater in Madison, WI, and it went very well. The bride and groom were awesome and so was everyone out there, from the guests to the employees, and even Tameka, the hostess at the front desk of the Sheridan that we stayed at! Check out the right side of this page to see what we got coming up next for shows, tons of outside festivals and were working with Harley Davidson again this summer as well starting off with their spring bike show this coming Saturday May 16th. Please continue sending us song sugggestions, we love them! Also, any new venue suggestions are also appreciated, email any of that businesss to us, or just to say hello...we love getting email, it gives us a reason to check our iPhones! Later


3-15 Ah the Ides of March....we want to thank everyone that has made it to our shows recently - we have rocked a few new venues lately and it is thanks to all of you. We are not done yet! Come on out to Mo's Irish Pub in Wauwatosa this coming Friday, March 20th. Mos has become one of the most popular places to play around Milwaukee and we are very excited to be added to their list of bands to play at both of their locations. We are also looking forward to playing at the all new JoJo's Bar and Grill in Wauwatosa some time in April. Everyone loves JoJo's martini lounge and partying at the JoJo's stage down at summerfest and at this new location they will be having live music! Keep checking back to for more on these new venues! Also, be looking for the all new signup to recieve text updates on your cell phone of all e13 upcoming shows! We will keep you up to date with all the great adventures coming in the next month!


2-12 Hey all, we want to say thanks to everyone that came out to celebrate the first year of Trinity last friday! If you missed it, we still have plenty of shows coming up, including a full blown show at Mikeys tomorrow night, and Mo's Irish Pub Downtown next Saturday the 21st. We are also very excited to be playing for the Special Olympics Polar Plunge at our favorite place to be, Bradford Beach on Saturday, March 7th. We have formed a plunge team and want to raise as much money as we can for such a great cause. CLICK HERE to go to our team page to sign up to be a plunger, or a chicken ( just come and hang out and donate some money!) Lets raise as much as we can for such a great cause and have fun doing it! And dont worry, there will be heated pools and a heated tent to party in! Check out the TOUR page for Details and Directions - Nick

1-20- So, this past weekend Jim and I played an acoustic show at Mikeys, and it just so happened to be the coldest day of the year so far( granted we were only 2 weeks into the year, but it was damn cold.) Still that didnt stop many people from comming out and supporting us, so thank you to all who spent the night with us on Thursday! The following day, we played the House of Harley's Winter bike Expo, which was a lot of fun. ton's of people came out to look at all the new bikes and have a good time. We should have some pictures up from both events sometime this week. We have been kind of slacking on the pics, but have faith they are coming, and again if u have any pic's feel free to email them to us, or post them to our Facebook group E13 Rocks Balls.

Our next event is on Friday February 6th at Trinity Irish Pub (click the link for information on Trinity), were there from 9 till close and as always it's free! Last time we were there was towards the end of summer and we played outside and had an awesome time, one of my personal favorite shows we have played. We had to cancel our show there last Halloween cause I broke my arm, and we were super bummed out about that, but this time around were gonna make up for that, and knock on wood that no tragedy shall befall us this time around. So, if you have never seen us before, or if u have come on down, say hello, buy us a drink, and then continue buying us drinks, cause it makes us play better! Keep checking back frequently for updates on our constantly expanding setlist, pictures, and bio's to find out which one of us is single this week.


Hello E13er's, a new year has dawned on us and we just wrapped up the New Year playing a show at Mikeys. Thanks to everyone who came out that night to listen and support us, and thanks to Tierney Christianson, who filled in on the drums and keys whilst Nick was in Florida...maybe you noticed...maybe u didnt..either way most of us dont remeber the end of the night too well, so if we started to suck towards the end...that was the champagne and Miller Lite taking over!
We have alot of shows coming up, first and formost Jim and I (Mike)...will again be performing an acoustic set at Mikeys in the front bar from 9:30 til close on Thursday January 15th, and the next day the whole band is back together for the first time since the beginning of December playing for the Harley Winter Bike Expo at the House of Harley on Layton ave., check the website for details on that. The next couple months are booking up fast so if u cant make any of the shows coming up...fret not, their will be more to come.


12-24 -
Hey everybody, Happy Holidays!! Our next gig is at Mikeys on New Years Eve, we play all night long so even if u have to work till 3 in the morning....come on out!! We have a bunch of special guests and including DJ Maximum Preist! This should be different than any other E13 show you have ever seen, and we are looking forward to it, sadly nick will not be joining us because he will be in Florida, so we have a guest drummer/ keyboardist. Feel free to email with questions or check under the facebook group...E3 rocks balls!


12-15 -
Hey Everybody, Jim and I will be playing an acoustic set on Dec. 18th at Mikeys on Jefferson, theres no cover and well be there from 9 till 1, so come on out and listen to some tasty jams! Also we will be performing at Mikeys again on New Years Eve. There will be no cover for this one either, and its probably one of the few venues in Milwaukee that will have no cover. So we hope to see you soon


10-28 -
Well, with Mike's arm healing up nicely, we are starting to book some shows to rock your world with! We have already booked a show for the 2009 Season at the Milwaukee Ale house! WOW thats kinda early to be booking shows isn't it? the answer is no it is not. That is to show that 2009 is going to be a crazy year for e13 and we are glad you guys are along for the ride. We are also pleased to announce that e13 is also now represented by The Entertainment Company (TEC)! TEC is the premier booking agency for the top acts throughout southeast wisconsin and the midwest. If you have been to a festival or other huge event, chances are TEC was behind it. Check out their website at and check out the band roster and the services they offer. We are really excited to be a part of this company and to be playing at all your favorite festivals and events this summer! But dont worry, if you are looking to book us for your event, you can still go through us and use the form on the contact page at Keep checking back for more show announcements soon as well as our "MIKES ARM IS HEALED AND WE CAN ROCK AGAIN COMEBACK SHOW" !!!


10-23- So it has been nearly 30 days, since I (Mike) has broken my arm. I get the cast off on Nov. 17th, just a few short weeks away. Then i must endure 3-4 days of stink arm, and a few weeks therapy to get my frail, white arm moving like it used to. THEN WE SHALL RETURN!!! With such a vengeance, the world has never seen!! Were gonna try to get a few shows in December before the year ends, and then clean out your diapers, cause our new year is filling up fast, and you are gonna continue to poop yourself, when u see all the new material we are adding to our set. Including Buster, a 9 foot T-Rex that shoots flames, Lana and Leleine.. 2 Mongolian dancers who dance while covered in the flames that Buster releases from his 4 foot robotic mouth, and of course...all new songs that u love!...keep on keeping on, and check back for updates on shows, pics and news



Hey Friends -
This has been one hell of a week for the boys of e13 and it has resulted in having to cancel our show tomorrow ( Saturday) at Trinity Irish Pubs. Yesterday, I woke up to a phone call from our bass player Dave with the news that his car had gotten broken into. Unfortunately, his basses and bass amp and other personal belongings had been in there at the time. It always is frustrating to have your belongings stolen, but his bass and amp was something that we could easily replace and still rock out for you tomorrow night. Until my phone rang at 12:30am last night with news that our guitar player Mike that he had just broken his arm in half. seriously. While we could replace a bass and amp rather easily, technology has not yet allowed us to replace broken arms in time enough to play for you tomorrow night. I talked to him late last night with the hopes that he would finally say " HAHA! Just Kidding, Dude!" but alas, no such comment was uddered. I was still in disbelief today as I was having a conversation with our lead singer Jim about this matter when he notified me that he would be visiting urgent care this afternoon due to a bee sting that he recieved a few days ago and it was not getting better. Stay posted for whatever else can go wrong with e13 this week!... So, we will definitely keep you posted on our friend Mike on his road to recovery. It is a good thing we have our very own physical therapist on staff and all the good people at ATI Physical Therapy to get Mike better than ever in hopefully a short amount of time. Thank you for all your support for us over the years and we will get back to rockin in no time! If you want to send well wishings to Mike or hell, all of us for that matter, go to the Contact page at and fill out the mail form. Thanks again for your support!


9/21 - Since the last update, we have continued our crazy busy schedule. We have played at 4 new venues this month! We started off playing an acoustic show at MIKEY's in Cathedral Square on 9/6 and could not have asked for a more fun and interactive audience. We are looking forward to making our way back there soon. We then played a Wednesday night show on 9/10 at Bootleggers downtown and although us first shift guys don't necessarily like playing weekday shows till bar time, it was a lot of fun with a great crowd, especially for a Wednesday night, and we will be looking for more opportunities to play there soon as well. That weekend (9/12 and 9/13) Mike and I ventured off to Pewaukee to play a 2 man acoustic show at the Sandbar Pub. It was an intimate setting with a lot of potential. We hope to set more dates for the future and hopefully next summer as it is right on the lake! Nick set out to play with some of his former co-workers filling in for their drummer on 9/13 at Spitfires in Muskego for Firefest 2008 with the band 4 Play. He was forced to learn a lot of material in a very short amount of time and I think that is a definite credit to the skills that Nick has as a musician. We then took the week to prepare for this past weekend as we played at the classy sports bar, Tutto on Saturday night and the PKD chairty walk on Sunday morning. Tutto is a great location, with great management and staff who are not used to having live music. We hopefully made their night a little more worth while. We had another interactive audience who appeared to have a lot of fun and although, the live music thing may not be a weekly feature at Tutto, we hope they will consider us again sometime soon. Finally, we come to earlier this morning. After getting home at 3:45am today from Tutto, we woke up at 7am to make it to Bayshore mall by 8am to set up for the Polycystic Kidney Disease Foundation charity walk. My dear friend Kristen has this disease so many of our friends were walking for her kidneys and we were honored to play for this noble cause. It was our earliest show ever and although it was initially difficult to wake up so early after such a late night, it was definitely worth it. We were well received and everyone seemed to enjoy what we had to offer. The weather was great, the venue was great, we made good connections, but more importantly we were playing for a great cause and we all feel like we had done something really good for many others. Check out the FOX6 News story about this great cause by clicking HERE (look fast, you will see us!) . We are finishing off the month of September at Trinity next Saturday 9/27 before taking the majority of October off to rest and add some songs to our list. Look for Mike and I to potentially play another acoustic show sometime in October as well as our Halloween show on Halloween night. I want to give a big thanks to all you who came out to see us sometime this month. We have had a blast. If you have pictures you want to send us, please email them to We hope to see you soon! - Jimmy

8/28 - You may have heard by now that the Shepherd Express is doing an online poll of the Best of Milwaukee 2008 and Element 13 is up for voting in the Cover/Tribute Band Category....We are asking you to show as much support for us in voting as you do in coming out and PACKING venues all over Milwaukee! Just Click on this link to The Shepherd Express, enter your email address, scroll to the Cover band link, and look for our name, and hit submit! it is THAT easy! Let's show the rest of Milwaukee what they are missing and vote for Element 13 - the Best in Milwaukee 2008! - Nick

8/19- So, this past weekend we played Bradford Beach on saturday afternoon and Trinity Irish Pub at night, both outdoor venues and the weather was great. Thanks to everyone who came out and showed support and danced their asses off. We got a chance to meet a lot of new people and tried to get a chance to talk to everyone, so sorry if we didnt say hello. If there are any pictures floating around out there that u took from either show that u want posted on our website, feel free as always to email them to us and we will put them up on our pictures page. Or maybe u were at a past show and wonder if ur in the photos...swing over to the pics page and look for your damn self. Our next shows will be during Harley fest...for exact dates and times check the tour page on the site. We also have an acoustic show at Mikeys coming up on Sept. 6th, among many others so keep on checking back for more updates. ~M

8/9 - So we have been lazy-asses lately and we still need to get some pics up from our last few shows...but that is our excuse for out lazyness; we have been rocking SO much, we havent had time! With that said, we want to thank everyone for coming out to the Social on the 1st for an Acoustic evening with e13! we had a total blast, and the acoustic set was recieved well among our fans, old and new! we look forward to doing more acoustic sets at the Social in the future so keep an eye out for that. Also, if you notice to the right side of this page, there has been some changes to our upcoming schedule. Due to some scheduling conflicts, the Show at LIVE on North has been cancelled. But have no fear - We have replaced that show with 2 - thats right 2 - shows on the 16th! Catch us at 2pm at Bradford Beach, then keep the party going Saturday Night at Trinity on water Street! This is our first show at Trinity and we are looking forward to showing water street how we do it! Go to the Tour page to get details and directions! - Nick

6/24- Summer Solstice was this last weekend and we had a blast playing it despite the taunting rain that loomed above. A little rain trickled from the sky, but not enough to kick us off the stage, as we went right on through. Thanks to all those that came out to support us on Saturday night. The Lovemonkeys were on after us and they rocked the stage till close, and if you stayed for their show you may have seen us join them on stage for an E13/Lovemonkeys shot toast! Before Saturdays show we had a photoshoot as well so their are gonna be some changes on the website coming soon as well as pics from The Summer Solstice show all taken by our good friend James Conway of James Conway Photography. If you have pics from the solstice show please email them to us at and we will post them on the site on the photos page.
Our next show is at the Calderone pub on 7/11 - Friday night, free show. Its a pretty cool place, we have played there before and are looking forward to going back. Also that night there is Catholic Memorials 10 yr high school reunion at the calderone pub, so that should guarantee for some good chickage. We have a ton more shows coming up this summer and we're looking into booking more, so keep checking the site for updates, and if you are a lazy person and dont wanna check the site...sign up on our email list and we will seek you out and let you know the latest goings on of E13.

5/17 - 5/23/08 - Yeah this news is gonna be a two for one...if you havent noticed, our schedule for the summer is rather full, and we are still getting asked to play additional definitely stay tuned for that...but as a result, we are behind on the get off my back! Anyhoo...Thanks to all that came out to the House of Harley for the spring bike show on the 17th. We had a total blast and we didnt get rained on! And congrats to anyone that bought a bike...but if you showed up to see us you would have gotten a free next time maybe you'll think twice about missing another e13 show....FREE BIKES! (and iPods) Also thanks to all that came out to the Social on Friday. It was our first of 2 Shows there this summer and we had a great time. It was a little more relaxed of a show with some impromptu jammin (more than usual) and we are looking forward to the next show there later this summer...unfortunately, there were NO FREE BIKES there...but you never know...Check out the TOUR page to get all the details on all that is e13. also, dont forget to send us pics from the shows to to get them posted on the photos page. - nick

3/17/08 - To all who came to the birthday bash at the Calderone Pub, we hope you had as much fun as we did. We really had a blast. Kelly (the birthday girl) and her party people were all great. We'd like to thank the staff at the Calderone Pub for being so great to us. We hope to play there again sometime soon. Spring is right around the corner and that means festivals. We're working on a bunch of exciting shows for this spring and summer. We've already locked in the Spring Bike Show at the House of Harley and two dates there for the Harley 105th anniversary. We're excited about our friendship with the House of Harley and we know that it will be a great one. We'll keep you updated on our latest shows, until then, hope to see you at the House of Harley on May 17th.

2/19/08 - Thanks for everyone who made it out last Friday night! It was one of our best shows @ LIVE and the audience vibe was amazing! Some of our regular fans have been asking why we haven't been having a cover at our last few shows. Well the idea behind that is, right now we would rather expand our fan base and be seen and heard by more people. We love what we do and the feedback that we get, is that people have fun when they come to our shows. We want to get more people in and give them the E13 experience. Bring your friends, your families, strangers, to the shows. You will not regret it! If you have been to an E13 show and have pictures from the show, please email them to us at the website we would love to see them and post them! The next show is a birthday party, but it is a public place and all are welcome. Don't let private party fool you. We hope to see you
at the Calderone Pub on March 15th!

2/16/08- To all who were at the Valentine's Day show, I don't need to describe how much fun everyone had. To those who were not there, you missed it. We had what became our most fun show that we've ever had. Yes, the night started out slow, but it quickly became insanely packed full of people dancing their asses off. If you don't believe us, we're editing some video that we shot at the show and will be posting it online in the next week or so. Also, if you would like a copy of your pictures from the website, email us, and we'll send them to you! Check out the photos page to see if your favorite photo is on our site! It was sick. Thanks to everyone that came out. We had another memorable time rockin' with you all.
-Dave and the guys of E13

1/27/08- Earlier this week we were contacted by the House of Harley and asked if we could play a last minute show for the unvailing of Harley-Davidsons new "Rocker" Bike at Moct. We accepted and last night we rocked that place. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported the band and Harley. We met a ton of awesome people that night and the people at Moct and Harley couldnt have treated us any better. A special thanks in particular to Geoff McDonald who filled on bass with such short notice due to Dave's absence. We will be booking shows like crazy in the upcoming month and we plan on expanding our set list a lot more. So come out to future shows, hear some rock in your ears and dance your ass off!!! Take a look at our photo gallery after shows also, there just might be a photo of you in there.~M

1/21/08- Well, we did it again. The last report that we got from the bouncer at LIVE was that he had to turn away 12 groups of people because we were at fire-code capacity for most of the night! Thanks again to everyone who made Friday night so much fun. You all helped and Jim and I to have a great birthday show. Oh, and one birthday girl who will remain anonymous (we know you had a good time). We added a couple of songs to this show and they went over great. Your encouragement of our new songs and projects is what is making e13 the most versatile and popular cover band in Milwaukee. Thanks again to everyone who came out in bitterly cold weather, and to LIVE for hosting us again. We're looking forward to our next show at LIVE on Feb 15th which has been deemed the "Valentines Day Massacre Show" -Dave

1/10/08- Our comeback show was great thanks to all of the fans that came out in November. AGAIN, you all completely packed the house. We had a turnout even better than we thought we would have. We also had an absolute blast playing for everyone. We added a bunch of new songs and played them through our phenominal new sound system. Thanks to all of you who came out and supported us. So, it's official, e13 is back and better than ever. We are proud to announce that we have been asked to play at the House of Harley in May for the spring bike reveal which should be amazing. The same event in 2007 drew more than 6,000 people. So, needless to say, we are excited. The Harley event will be the kickoff to our 2008 summer which should be packed with shows. We're looking forward to seeing all of you out there. This coming Friday the 18th is our next show, again at LIVE. Jim's birthday is on Jan 12 and mine is on the 19th, so we have dedicated this show as our birthday celebration show. So come and party with us. As you know, it's always a great time. -- Dave

11/1/07 - Well it has been a long time to say the least...but you heard right - e13 is BACK! and we are ready to once again rock your faces off! As you can see we have ourselves a NEW website to better serve you - our loyal fans! Sign up for the mailing list to stay up to date on everything thats going on with us. As always, you can check out our myspace at . It is a great feeling to finally tell people that we are no longer on hiatus! November 21st is our come back show and we will have more shows coming very soon. We are pleased to announce that our front man, Jimmy D is back with us as well. Dont think that we've been just sitting around this last year either. In one year, Nick got married and became a dad and Jim just got married as well...Dave is continuing on with school and Mike is holding it down at Water Buffalo where you can see him most nights working and showing off his mad bartending skills. We would definitely like to thank all the people that have been nagging us for a show. It makes getting ready for this come back show all the better. Speaking of that, we have a bunch of new songs in the setlist as well as some favorites from before. So please spread the word and pack it in at LIVE on North on the 21st...we cant wait to see you! - Nick